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Inbest network is a global, decentralized marketplace that’s making the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone.

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Get paid for your commitment

Once the crowdsale ends, all contributors collect the amount of tokens they bought plus the corresponding bonus, according to when they joined, on their ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallets.


A decentralized marketplace where financial companies make their products available to investors.


Accessibility, Administration, Transparency, and Yield Management solutions oriented to cryptocurrencies.


The network provides an API for developers to build their own platforms.

Machine intelligence empowering human potential

Inbest’s app facilitates decision-making for investors, granting access to the crypto economy and unlocking the future of investment for the whole world to tap into.

The market of the future

Access the crypto market through an intuitive platform with investment strategies curated by the industry’s top financial and technical experts.

Diversify your portfolio

Minimize risk while maximizing profit by taking part in a combination of the most popular and the most promising tokensales.

Crowdsourcing the best strategy

Aware of risks and values, Inbest helps you define the best way for you to handle your approach to the crypto market.

Enjoy the possibilities, avoid the vulnerabilities

Inbest’s protocol, based on Ethereum ERC-20, has built-in transparency and yield development control measures for all tokens with smart contracts.